Thursday, December 11, 2014

We want to help you find hidden Discounts!

Senior Discounts:

Did you know?

That at AARP you can join for
free at age age 50?! instead of
age 65? They have a vast array
of senior discounts! Check them
out at

Dining Discounts:

Join the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Club!
people 55 and over can get a free donut
with a cup of coffee!

More dining discounts for seniors at age 50!
Krispy Kreme 10% off
Steak -N-Shake 10% off

Mondays and Tuesdays:
Age 55
Arbys: 10% off; Chick-Fil-A 10% off or free
small drink; Denny's; 10% off, 20% off for AARP
members; IHOP: 10% off; McDonals: discounts on
coffee; Wendy's: 10% off

Age 60...

Applebee's 15% off with Golden Apple Card;
Burger King: 10% off; Waffle House: 10% off
every Monday!

Age 65...

Boston Market: 10% off; Hardees: .33 cents
beverages everyday; Taco Bell: 5% off; free
beverages for seniors.

More Discounts:

Military Discounts:

Did you know ?

That military members can get
20% off at Foot Locker to $500.00
at Toyota?


At Mary Kay Cosmetics members of
the military and their families can receive
10% off online orders?

Sally Beauty Supply discounts vary just
simply ask and have military I.D in hand.


Regal Movie Theaters:

matinee prices for all showtimes;
United Artist Movie Theaters:
matinee prices for all showtimes;
IMAX: $1 off tickets!

(Home & Garden)

Lowe's: 10% off year round;
Michael's: 10% off Wednesdays
at select stores; Home Depot: 10%
off for active duty, active reserve,
retired military and immediate family.


Sprint 10% to 18% off; Verizon: 15%
off monthly cost of primary line.

(QR Codes)

QR Codes short for quick response codes
that you can scan with a special app or your
smartphone that offer you coupons and QR
scan only deals!

You can get these codes by downloading them
from Androids from
 this one takes you to Google Play store, and Blackberry from

That's all for now! Hope we helped you
find some hidden discounts!

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