Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ever heard of the RetailMeNot app?

Hello everyone,

 My name is Tanya and this is my second
blog post...and I come baring savings from 
an app called RetailMeNot!

$15 off $50 or more in store purchase in-store
 Old Navy! Hurry offer ends 10-31-14

$1 off any size double loaded omelet!
in-store Hardees! Offer ends 11-30-14

$25 RealWomen dollars for every $50
spent online or in stores through Nov
13th! At Lane Bryant!

Free signature pretzel when you buy a
regular size Ice Cream! at Auntie Anne's
offer ends 12-31-14

50% off One Regular Price item instore
at Michel's! Offer ends 11-01-14

Okay everyone that's it for today!
Don't forget to download your app
@RetailMeNot to get these savings
and coupons! If you don't have the 
app you can still get the savings in
stores!Good Luck and Happy Savings!

About this Blog !(Introduction of Sorts)

Dear reader,

In this day and age a lot of us find ourselves just barely getting by...or just 
trying to make ends meet month after month. So we've decided to set out 
on a mission to try and make our daily lives a lil bit easier...and trying to save 
some money along the way! I'm happy that you have decided to take this
 journey with us! Good Luck and Happy Savings!