Monday, November 24, 2014

We want to help you save on Christmas Shopping!

Are you on a budget this Christmas? We sure are.
If you are here are some ways to help you save!

Draw names!

If you have a big family this is a good idea!
Draw names out of a hat this way everyone 
gets at least one nice present! Budget for
this present at least $20 dollars!

Were you tempted to buy something expensive 
for yourself, but didn't? For your self control you
can reward yourself by putting that money into a
savings account with a specific goal like 'Christmas 
Party"or "Holiday Budget"!

Sending gifts to relatives and friends this Christmas?
Print your own postage! Print your own or priority 
or flat rate shipping labels at home using their Click-
N-Go Shipping service at the U.S postal service here

Make an account and enter your shipping 
information and print out the label. You can
have your packaged picked up for free! You
will pay  up to 15% less if you were to pick
it up in person!

Did you know?

That National Free Shipping Day is 12/18/14?
You can get free shipping in stores like these:

1. American Eagle Outfitters
2. The Body Shop
3. Aerie
4. The Limited
5. J.Crew
6. Chico's
7. White/Black
8. Boston Store
9. Nautica
10. Kay Jewelers

Just to name a few!


For participating stores!


Did you know?
That if you've  bought
something in the past 30
days and it goes on sale
some retailers will make
an adjustment!

Lost a Gift Card?

Most stores will replace it but
only if you have the receipt. But
if you have already used it your data 
might be in your online account.


Planning on giving someone a gift card this Christmas?
Be careful scammers have been copying the numbers off
the cards. Than they'll wait until the cards are activated or
finding some way to activate them on their oswn and take the
money in them leaving your giftee with a zero balance. To 
make sure your card hasn't been compromised. Look for signs
of tampering on the packaging and check to see if the film 
covering the numbers hasn't been scratched off. If possible 
try and buy your gift cards directly from the store or restaurant
instead of at drugstores or supermarkets.

Well that's all for now folks! I hope we've helped you
save and given you some safe tips and tidbits during this
Holiday Shopping Season! Happy Shopping!

The Cheapskate Diva!

Let us help you find some hidden Cash!

Have you ever heard of sites like or

On these sites you can type in your name and search 
to see if you or even a relative has some unclaimed 
property, refunds, or checks! just waiting to be claimed!

Forgotten about a bank account?!
Just simply call old banks where
you had accounts to see if you have
any unclaimed assests! They'll be able
to check their systems in minutes!

Unclaimed Bonds?:

Try here:

Click on start search and type in your
Social Security number you'll instantly
see if you have a bond waiting to be claimed!

Did you know?

That if someone bought a bond for you between
1941 and 1980 there could be an unclaimed bond 
waiting for you?!

Class Action Lawsuit:

Sometimes Companies file class action lawsuits on behalf
of the plantiff. To see if you are eligibile for any won law-
suits Try here:

Free Money with your Credit Cards!

Get a credit card with cash rebates for purchases.
Bank of America offers 1% back! 2% back on groceries,
and 3% back on gas! 

Capitol One offers a $100 bonus and 1% back when you spend
your first $500! within 3 months! The money is deposited into
your waiting bank account!

Reduce your cell phone bill!

Did you know?

That you be paying for unused minutes?
A lot of us are signed up for unlimited 
plans that cost almost double of what we
need. Look at your bill and note your
minutes. If you aren't using them call
your provider to check your plan options.
You may want try say 450 minutes and pay
less than paying for the minutes you don't use
with an unlimited plan!


Tax Refunds!

You simply go to
click on "Where is my refund"?
Type in your Social Security number
your filing status( married, filing jointly,
single, married filing seperately, head of 
household, or qualifying widow,) and the 
dollar amount.

Those tax refunds add up!

Tax Credits!

If you had no tax withheld you may
have tax credits you may be entitled
to like:

First time home buyers credit
Child tax credit
Earned income tax credit
Credit for child and dependent care
Education credit
Savers credit

Want to know more about these visit: or google the tax name.

That's all for now! In the future I
will be doing another post on this 
subject. It's just too much informat-
ion on it to leave it here! Good Luck!
I hope we helped you find some Hidden

The Cheapskate Diva!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Eat out for less!

The holidays are fast approaching!
So we  know that means you may 
need to save on dining out! So we've
decided to try and find you info on ways you can save on dining out!

Here goes:

Rack up rewards every time you eat
out at places like Best Buy, Overstock,
Hilton, and Shell!

Go to: to earn points
that you can use towards Best Buy 
merchandise! Earn 5% back on 
"Club O Dollars"from

Rack up to 8 HHonors bonus points
at Hilton's

Did you know?
Many restaurants offer
discount to many different
age groups and members 
of the military?

Go here
for kids 12 and under eat free!!
 They offer free and discounted 

Try here:

For discounts for people in the military!

Wanna save on airfare!
Do you travel often? Planning a  
a big trip? Wanna rack up on miles
toward discounted airfare? Register 
your credit or debit card with an air-
line that offers a dining program!

Try these airlines: Delta Southwest Airlines

Just to name a few!


Also try here for more restaurant savings!

That's it for now! If you  come
across any more please leave
comments below! Happy Dining!

The Cheapskate Diva!

Throwback Hershey's Christmas Tree!

Hi! Everybody I know it's not 
Christmas yet...but I just wanted 
to show you this mini Christmas Tree
 me and my daughter made last year!
Isn't it adorable?! I posted it on my 
other blog that I have and I just wanted 
to post it over here too! Happy Holidays!

The Cheapskate Diva!

Monday, November 17, 2014

I want to go outlet shopping(online of course) How about you?

I want to go outlet shopping! But it's too cold(brrr!)
Since it's so cold I think I will stay in with my credit
card and a cup of hot chocolate and some online outlet
stores! Here are a few I want to try! offers up to 88%


If you can't find what you want online
try calling ahead if you decide to make 
a trip out to the outlet stores to see if they
have the item/s you are looking for. No 
need to make unnecessary trips. While 
you have them on the phone ask if they're
going to have any specials coming up! That
way you plan your visit to ave the most!

Join outlet free shoppers clubs!

Many outlet stores now offer exclusive 
deals in their free shoppers clubs! Example: and

have a coupon book you can sign up for? 
You can also get online coupons and notifications 
of special events!

Did you know?

That companies now make clothing just
for their outlets? They have slight imperfections
and are usually of lower  quality than items sold
at retail stores. The price tags usually let you know
if the item was made for retail stores or outlet stores.
So finding quality items will be simpler.Ask the sales
person to explain the coding system to help you save
on the best items!

Here are a few more outlet stores you can check out!

I'll add more once I across more!
Happy Savings! 

The Cheapskate Diva!

Not So Extreme Couponing!

Hello everybody! Maybe you are wondering why we've
named this post Not So Extreme Couponing? Well with
all the stories and shows on television about extreme couponing
it peeked our curiosity. So we've decided to post about it. 
Well to be honest we don't have the time nor the patience 
for extreme couponing but maybe you do! So we've decided 
to give you all the sites we could find  and some tips and tidbits
to start you on your way! Heck maybe we'll(my husband and I)
even try it out once or twice and post about it on here! Good Luck!
And Happy Extreme or not so Extreme Couponing!

Scan QR codes for secret discounts!

Cash in on "clip free coupons"
Load online coupons onto your 
store loyalty card in seconds! Sign
at a clip free site like :


Did you know?

That there is a such thing as Coupon fraud?

Maybe we'll do a post about the do's and dont's of

Here is a list of some online coupon sites:

Many have apps!

The coupon center link is for more info
about coupon fraud. Also make sure you 
download the retailmenot app on your phone
its amazing!  Also at the grocery center  you 
can get the latest deals and coupons from your
local supermarket!

Well that's it for now everyone! Happy Extreme
or not So Extreme  Couponing!

The Cheapskate Diva!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Starting over on a budget!

Now that we are empty nesters and we've been upsized downsized,
and wrongsized(laughing) my husband and I have found ourselves 
starting over on a budget. We moved into a smaller place so we had 
to get rid of all the stuff that wouldn't fit into our lil place. So we sold 
it all and are now in search of  new well in our case not so new every-
thing! So we are hoping that we can get some tips and idea from you 
guys on finding some steals and deals! Hopefully we can can give you 
guys some tips and ideas too!

Any tips for some empty nesters on a budget? Leave comments below! 
Thanks in advance!

The Cheapskate Diva!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Throwback Halloween Candy Basket Bouquet!

Hey everyone I didn't get a chance to post this on Halloween
 so I decided to make it a throwback post! I'm learning to make
 candy bouquets! Not to bad for a beginner... Eh? 

 The cheapskate diva!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A lil more about this blog!

Just a lil bit more on what you will see on this blog!
 I like to mix things up a bit, so one day you'll see recipes
, post on how to save on this and that, a video or two on my
 frugal finds, or how to's! And some DIY's! I would like some 
follower participation! So sit back and enjoy the ride! Thanks
 for taking this journey with us!:0)

The Cheapskate Diva!