Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Online Yard Sales!

Love Yard Sales? Most Cheapskates do!

But its cold outside so we've decided to
the best way to crave our love for Yard
Sale is Online, want to join us?!! Let's
start off with some apps!

Thredflip app:  Free!

Is a fun easy way to shop and sell fashion!

Yardsale app:  Free!

A tool to help you efficiently organize your search
for yard sale treasures!

Poshmark app:  Free!

Buy and sale fashion. Shop bargains at 90% off
and cosign your closet to make money today!

OfferUp app: Free!

A simple way to buy and sell locally!
What are your neighbors selling?!

5 miles map: Free!

Your mobile market place!

The safe and fast way to buy, sell, discover
local classified ads in five miles!

This app is an app that let's  you access Craigslist
from your mobile device!

Yardsale search is an app you can access
through Itunes!

You can use yard sale search to a find a garage
sale in all 50 states!

Yard Sale Search:

Has a directory of cities that are
having Yard Sales! You just click
on your city and a listing of people
and stores having a sale will pop up!

Tradesy turns your clothes into cash! Log in
and create an account. Receive a $25 gift when
you sign up!

Thredup has like new clothes from the brands you love!

Save up to 90% off all your favorite brands! You have to
sign up with your email to enjoy this site but it may be well
worth it!


Don't want to use your email? They also have an app!

Did you know?

That some people have yard sales on FB? Yes some people 

have decided to to join online FB groups dedicated to online
yard sales!  If you do a search on FB I'm sure you will find some
of these groups! Some require you to join!.

Want to trade paperbacks, audios, hardcovers try here:

Have video games you want to trade, or buy,or sell? try here:


Leaptrade is the leading video game trading website. Buy, sell,
and trade used games for Xbox, PS4 etc.

That's it for now! Hope you enjoy!

Coupon Fraud!

What is coupon  fraud?

Coupon fraud occurs whenever someone
intentionally uses a coupon for a product
that he/she has not purchased.

Want to know more about coupon fraud?

Go here:

Did you know there was such a thing as
Coupon Fraud? Neither did we! So we've
decided  to write a post about it! Found
some very interesting information! So here
goes! First some do's and dont's of couponing.


Read the fine print. Always make sure to
follow the terms and conditions printed on
a coupon.


Scan or print more than the allotted number
of printable coupons a website allows.

Tidbit # 1

1. Coupons may not be transferred.
2. DND: Do not Double coupons
3. Limit one per household

Did you know? # 1

That counterfeit coupons exist? Yes counterfeit:

Consumers can protect themselves from counterfeit
coupons by never paying money for coupons and using
only using coupons from authorized coupon dealers.

Tidbit# 2

Some signs of coupon scam:

1. Does it sound to good to be true?
2. Are there claims that there are no risk
3. Are there vague and hostile answers to
your questions?


How is coupon fraud committed?

1. Disregarding the manufacturers stipulations.
2. Disregarding expiration dates.
3. Check for the code. You can go to and type in the code
in the upper right hand corner to verify
that it is not a copy or hasn't already been

Tidbit # 3

Don't dumpster dive for the Sunday paper.
It can be dangerous and you could be tresspassing.
Instead ask friends for extra copies, or buy more
papers at a dollar store.

Well, that's it for now! Happy Safe Couponing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We want to help you find (free) apps!

We've tried to find some apps for you to
save money with and save some time as 
well! Hope these help! Some of them have 
websites and they all are FREE!:0) Enjoy!

1. Keyring:

Save all loyalty cardsto your phone using
the #1 Loyalty card management App Key
Ring! 4.2 stars!

2. Nearby-Mastercard:

Finds nearby locations where you can use


3. Goodbudget:

Budget planner + expense manager based 

on envelope budgeting! 4.3 stars

4. Extreme Coupon:

This is a must for any extreme couponer!

It has all the weekly coupon matchups. 4.1 stars!

5. Retailmenot:

The Retailmenot app makes it easy to save with thousands 

of deals at your favorite stores and restaurants! 4.4 stars!

6. Coupons:

Find valuable coupons , discount codes, and exclusive sales!

7. ShopSavvy:

Is your one stop source for all the best sales in one app!

8. Gyft app:

Use Gyft to easily upload and redeem gift cards right from

your phone! 3.9 stars!

9.  The Coupon App:

Unbelievable coupon savings at your favorite stores, restaurants, 

and gas stations!  Coupons always at your fingertips, everywhere 
you go! 4.5 stars!

10. The Coupon Sherpa App:

Gives you money saving mobile coupons anywhere you go! 

4.3 stars!

That's all for now! Hope you guys enjoy these Free apps!

We want to help you snag January Bargains!

Every year especially after Christmas I
go to the clearance section of the stores 
and stock up on gifts for everyone in my
family! For upcoming birthdays, graduations,
anniversaries, and of course the next years 
Christmas gifts! I have two daughters and 
three granddaughters. I always make them 
gift baskets for Christmas with the items I
get through out the year. They love em!

Speaking of gift baskets! You'll now see
plenty of gift baskets on sale everywhere
from pharmacies to department stores! If
it has seasonal packaging don't worry just
take them apart and repackage them! For
example if you a beauty Christmas gift set
for 50% off you can remove the packaging 
and repackage it with say Valentine' packa-
ging! You could even put it in a heart shaped
basket if you like!


Look for Hidden Bargains!

Of course Big Box stores will be 
cutting prices after the holidays. 
But  what about stores like craft
stores and florist?!A lot  of them 
have some the best bargains on 
seasonal decor and stocking stuffers! 
Stores like Barnes&Noble, Lowe's'
and Old Navy will have everything 
marked down 75% sometimes even 


Head to the back of the store!

January is one of the biggest clearance
months of the year! (July is also a biggie)
Stores are unloading seasonal items to get
ready for spring! Every retailer has a clearance
section so look for display areas at the end of the
aisles as well as at the back of the store. for the 
steepest clearance! You will be able to stock up 
on toys,housewares, and clothing for up to 90%

Don't look over groceries!

Stock up on kids cereals, cookies, and snacks
that have holiday packaging. These items go on
sale after the holidays! I touched on this back in 
our blog post "Let's Maximize our After Christmas

I like to go after the candy clearance so that I can
practice on my Candy Bouquets!

Did you know?

That in January the best time to shop for Big
Ticket items is Saturday and Sunday because 
sales people are more willing to negotiate because
they think people are more serious because they set 
aside their weekend to shop!

Didn't get a gift card this Christmas? Or the gift card
you wanted? Go to  or
 to find gift cards as much as 25% off!

Thanks for reading! Hope we helped snag some 
January Savings!

After Christmas Sales Haul!

Ok here is my after Christmas Sales 
Haul! I got these items from Walgreens,
T.J Maxx, and Boston Store! I had 
so much fun finding all these goodies!
Next year I hope t find even more! Of
course there is some future Christmas
presents in there for someone! Hope
you guys like my After Christmas Haul!

Throwback Christmas Candy Bouquet!

Since I wasn't on during the holiday's
 I couldn't post this. So I decided to 
make this a throw back post! So here
goes, tell me what you think. Actually
my daughter helped me a lot with this. 
I'm still learning!:0)

Well here is my(our) Candy bouquet! 
I hope you guys like it!(: