Monday, May 18, 2015

Turn Clutter into Cash!

It's Spring time and it's time for spring cleaning.
Do you have clutter? So why not turn it into Cash?!

Turn old furniture into a pile of cash!  Go to: You'll get 80% off the listing
price when your item sells and they take it away at
no cost!

Consignment Shops:

Many furniture consignment shops will pick
up gently used large items for free and share
the profits with you! Look in the Yellow Pages
under "Consignment Shops" to find one.


Got furniture in good condition but you don't
want to wait for it sell? Donate it to the Salvation
Army for a tax deduction which picks up furniture
contributions. Just call 800-SA-Truck.

Earn money for old clothes!

@  If you have gently used or
new clothes go to and order a free
clean-out-bag. Fill it up and schedule a complimentary
pick up. Once they've received your clothing the value
will be accessed and you will be paid up to 40% of its
resale price! Want cash in your pocket today? You can
get paid today for clothing in good condition at clothing
resale shops! To find a resale shop near you go to and

Trade in Electronics!

If you've got old electronics sell them @ and or trade them
for a gift card at ( Click "Electronics & Computers"
in the left hand menu, then click on " Trade your Electronics").

Want even faster results? Grab store gift cards for the value of
your trade-ins at Best Buys and Target stores! Go to their store
websites type in "trade in" try and
to find participating stores!

New Cash for Old Entertainment!

Books: Enter their ISBN numbers @
 to find out which book resellers will offer you top price for them!
Once you are done reading them, of course:0)

DVD's, CD's, and Video Games!

If they are unused you can get cash for them @
or trade or trade them in for a gift card at (Click "Movies,
Music, & Games" in left hand menu, then "Trade in Movies, Music, & Games").

That's all folks! I hope I was able to help you "Turn Your Clutter Into Cash"!


The Cheapskate Diva!

How to get a Spring Wardrobe for Less!

Spring has sprung!(Is that a word?) It's time to
put away those heavy clothes and get a new spring
wardrobe for less!

Here's how:

Grab discounts for recycling unwanted clothes!
Some clothes and shoe retailers like H&M,
North Face, American Eagle, and Forever 21,
will give you a voucher for up to 10% your next
purchase if you bring in a bag of used clothes,
shoes, or belts. They participate in the ICO
recycling program that turns  cotton, leather,
and other raw materials into new products.
Want to know more about this program go

Looking to buy an item at its lowest
prices? (pants, shirts, etc) before buying
do a search on these sites:
and These websites will
tell you instantly which retail stores has these
items for the lowest prices!

Price Drops!!

Want to get paid for price drops? Stores like
JCPenny, Macy's, and Target will refund the
difference of an item that goes on sale after
you've purchased it! Usually 7 to 14 days.
Register at sites like and

They'll tell you if the item goes on sale
or is being sold for less! You will get an
email notifying you of sales! Then take
your receipt to the store's customer service
and request your cash back!

Bonus Rewards!:

Earn Bonus Rewards when visiting the store!

Download the Shopkick app and you can earn
points every time you enter any of the thousands
of participating retailers across the country. Points
can be redeemed for gift cards or % off your purchase!


Hurry and get to these stores and sites before
all the spring sales are over!

Well that's it for now! I hope I helped you
get a Spring Wardrobe for Less!

The CheapSkate Diva!

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Mystery Bag Giveway Problem:( and the winner is!

I'm sorry it took so long to announce the
winner but I came across some problems
with the random generator I was using-_- I was so confused
and it didn't work for me like it was supposed
to. I guess if you want quality you have to pay
for it. Since it didn't pick the winner for me, I've
decided the winner will be chosen by following
all the giveaway rules. That person was SarahBera6 Congrats Sarah you are
the Winner of the Mystery Bag Giveaway! Contact me with your info so I can
send out your prize!

Once again sorry to everyone else who enter the giveaway
this the only way I can I fairly giveaway the prize:0(

I hope this doesn't deter you from any future giveaways
I have. Once I get this issue solved. Again I'm truly sorry
about this.

If you would be so kind, if you know of any good
random generators I could possibly use so I won't
have this problem in the future could you leave their
names in the comments below. Again I'm sorry and
I hope you will continue to enter my future giveaways!

Planning a Road Trip this Summer/Year?!

Are you planning a Road Trip this Summer on anytime
 this Year? If you are here are some tips and sites to get
you comfortably and safely to your destination! Have Fun!:0)~ - Best for mapping your route.

I love this site for travel! I typed in my zip code and
it gave me information on the nearest hotels, dining,
events, camping, and discounts at restaurants , auto repair
service shops and much more! - Best for finding attractions!

Traveling to or through Freemont, California? Stop
by City Beach! It's not really a beach, and it doesn't
have swimming , but it does have rock climbing, air
hockey, and an indoor ropes course! - Best for locating National parks and
 scenic byways!

It has National Park Hotels and Lodging by State Directory.
Just click the state you are visiting and it will list tons of cities
with hotels and rates!

Have Pets? Then you have to check out
: - Best for planning a trip with your
furry family members! This site is great for people who
are traveling their pets! They have pet travel tips, car travel
tips w/ your pet, air travel tips w/ your pet, pet friendly hotel
chains are also listed and much more! Also while you are on
this site check out their Road Trip Planner!

Shows you where you can go on a tank of gas! - Best for calculating fuel cost;
Go there enter all your information and it'll show
you how much you will need to spend on fuel! - Best for comparing gas prices.

Just go there and search by city, state, or zip. You
can also win prizes!

For trip inspiration- They have maps and directions
Truck GPS,, RV GPS and so much more!

Some of the sites have apps! Speaking of apps here
are some you can take along!

Bathroom Scout:

Find public and other toilets around the world!
Free for Android users!


Tells you what's coming up in real time when driving
on the interstate. Find gas, eats, and more! Free for Android
users. $1.99 for Iphone, Ipad, and Iphone Touch users.


Find and reviews about great local businesses near you.
Free for Android, IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch users!


Finds the best the best restaurants, local businesses  view menus, finds cheap gas and more! Free for Android, IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch users.

Thanks for reading I hope I was able to
help you Plan your Road Trip this Summer/Year!