Monday, May 18, 2015

Turn Clutter into Cash!

It's Spring time and it's time for spring cleaning.
Do you have clutter? So why not turn it into Cash?!

Turn old furniture into a pile of cash!  Go to: You'll get 80% off the listing
price when your item sells and they take it away at
no cost!

Consignment Shops:

Many furniture consignment shops will pick
up gently used large items for free and share
the profits with you! Look in the Yellow Pages
under "Consignment Shops" to find one.


Got furniture in good condition but you don't
want to wait for it sell? Donate it to the Salvation
Army for a tax deduction which picks up furniture
contributions. Just call 800-SA-Truck.

Earn money for old clothes!

@  If you have gently used or
new clothes go to and order a free
clean-out-bag. Fill it up and schedule a complimentary
pick up. Once they've received your clothing the value
will be accessed and you will be paid up to 40% of its
resale price! Want cash in your pocket today? You can
get paid today for clothing in good condition at clothing
resale shops! To find a resale shop near you go to and

Trade in Electronics!

If you've got old electronics sell them @ and or trade them
for a gift card at ( Click "Electronics & Computers"
in the left hand menu, then click on " Trade your Electronics").

Want even faster results? Grab store gift cards for the value of
your trade-ins at Best Buys and Target stores! Go to their store
websites type in "trade in" try and
to find participating stores!

New Cash for Old Entertainment!

Books: Enter their ISBN numbers @
 to find out which book resellers will offer you top price for them!
Once you are done reading them, of course:0)

DVD's, CD's, and Video Games!

If they are unused you can get cash for them @
or trade or trade them in for a gift card at (Click "Movies,
Music, & Games" in left hand menu, then "Trade in Movies, Music, & Games").

That's all folks! I hope I was able to help you "Turn Your Clutter Into Cash"!


The Cheapskate Diva!


  1. I have to do this - i have so much stuff I don't need!!

  2. I love ThreadUp. Such a great store and way to save money on clothes.

  3. Some great tips! I really need to do a good clearout now :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel