Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We want to help you find free apps Part 2!

Hey! It's we want to help you find free apps Part Deux!
Back in January I made a post about helping you find 
free apps! Here is part 2 hope you enjoy!

Amazon Mobile: 4.2 stars

Customers are able to shop millions of products 
to any of Amazon's sites in the world from one 
single app!


Go cardless with cardstar from Constant Contact. 
Fast, easy, and secure! Lighten your wallet and
move your plastic loyalty cards, reward cards, 
and membership cards to your phone so you 
never miss out on a reward, discount,or deal

Coupon Sherpa: 4,4 stars

The Coupon Sherpa app gives you money 
saving mobile coupons anywhere you go.

Thanks to Coupon Sherpa's mobile coupons,
the days of clipping them from the newspaper 
are over. Now, no matter where you go(as long 
as you have service of course) you have access to
hundreds of  the most popular stores and restaurants.

Ebay: 4.3 stars

Buy and sell on the world's largest marketplace, 
right from your Android device! Search,Bid,,Buy
or make offers on unique items from around the 

Paypal Mobile App: 4.2 stars

Introducing your new your new digital wallet.

Pays Smarter, Pays Simpler, Pay Anywhere!
The world's safer way to pay online is now at
your favorite restaurants, stores, and more. 

Lemon Offers: 4.2 stars

Is a new way to increase your income:
Try new apps everyday and get fresh rewards!
When you collect enough credits you can redeem
amazing coupons!

Pinterest: 4.6 stars

A visual bookmarking tool that helps
you discover and save creative ideas. 
Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, 
do home improvement projects, and more!

Scout Mob: 4.4 stars!

Scoutmob Android app is  your mobile 
guide to local deals, events, and whatever
else is worth exploring in your city.

Currently only available in Atlanta, Austin,
Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver,Los Angeles,
Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Portland,
Seattle, and Washington DC.

Red Laser: 4.2 stars!

Bar Code & or Scanner-

Rated as a top shopping app by USA Today,
The New York Time, CNN Money, PC Magazine,
and Smart Money Magazine. Red Laser helps
millions of shoppers shop smarter everyday- and 
it can help you too!

Slice: Price Tracker- the only automatic way to track
packages without entering a track number. The leading
packaging delivery tracker delivers you peace of mind
with push notifications updating you on the status of your
delivery. 4.2 stars!

Viggle-  4.2 stars!

Free entertainment Rewards for TV and Music Fans.


Audiobooks and ebooks now available as rewards!
Viggle is the best way to get all your favorite enter-
tainment with points. All you have to do is use the 
viggle app whenever you're watching t.v or listening
to music.

Sales price calculator: 4.1 stars!

It will calculate either percentage off, or a dollar off. 
You can also check an additional percent or dollar off
for clearance and special sales.

Shopkick: 4.2 stars!

Free rewards for shopping! Never miss a deal, exclusive 
rewards, and free gift cards at your favorite stores like Macy's,
Target, and Best Buy to name a few. Join 10 million users 
already saving money and earning rewards for their everyday 

Well that's all folks! Hope I was able to help you find free apps!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Which Gift Card Should I giveaway next?

Which gift card should I giveaway next?

Type your answers here
Bath and Body Works
Poll Maker

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Fun ! On the Cheap!

Summer is finally here! It's time to put on your
summer gear and go out there and enjoy it, while
its still here! Here are some free and low cost ways
to have some summer fun on the cheap!


Can't afford to send your kids to camp
this summer? Try this:

Backyard Day Camp!

Recruit parents and other kids from
 neighborhood in on the fun!

Parents can take turn s on each day
of the week supervising the camp.


Fill a kiddie pool with water and colorful
plastic balls that float and let the kids have
at it!

You can also turn the pool into a pretend
fishing hole! Cut  fish shapes  out of
colored sponges and stick metal beads
for eyes.

Fasten a string to the end of a dowel with bright
colored tape, tie a magnet on the end of a line and
Go Fishing/!

Turn on the Sprinklers! Give them some squirt guns
and that'll keep em busy for hours!

If camping is in your budget try here:


Enjoy local events in your area! Before you buy tickets
to any local event check Groupon, Local Flavor, and Coupom
for fun online deals.


Want to add movie going to your summer agenda? Try this:

Get a family pack!

Check to see if your favorite theater have family packs/specials!
Cinemark on Mondays has a special called Reel Family Time
promotion, where they let a family buy thre or more tickets for
$1.15 each!

Regal Summer Movie Express provides $1 tickets for 10 am showings!

Marquee Cinemas, the Summer Kids Series let's you watch Family Friendly
movies for free! Go to their sites for details! Or google your favorite theater
and see what they have to offer!

Tip 2:

Join theater loyalty clubs! Some charge a fee, like the
$12 AMC stub program: others offer benefits like, no
fee online ticket purchases, concession discounts, coupons,
discount days, and freebies! The Regal Crown Club charges
no fees!

Did you know?

Some towns show family friendly movies during the
summer months! Do a google search to find ones near

Want to enjoy free family entertainment?!


Search your cities/towns event calendar. Click on family and
events will pop up. Such as museums, festivals, concerts, and
other fun events! Some may even be free!

Well that's it folks! I hope I was able to help you find summer
fun on the cheap!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Slash your Grocery Bill in 1/2!

Seems the cost of groceries are going
up daily. So I've decided to try and find
some ways to slash our  grocery bill in half.
 Maybe this will help you readers too! Good
luck and Good savings!

From the post( We want to help you Find Hidden Discounts)

When you are in the supermarket look for household products.
Such as dish soap, soap, tissues, and candies. They are usually
marked down by as much as 75% as story hurry
to get rid of holiday themed items that didn't sell.

Make a list:

Going into a grocery store without a list is a
sure way for you to stray away from your original
plan and you'll probably end up making impulse buys.

Try this app to make a virtual grocery list!

Grocery iQ

Clip Coupons:

Don't forget your coupons!

 They'll help you save a buck or two, or three.

Also download these money saving apps
to your smart phone for extra savings!

Groupon Reward- Discounts at local stores.

Saving Star- Extra coupon savings.

Grocery iQ- Virtual Grocery list and so much more! app- Coupons, Codes, Deals & Savings!

Grocery Organizer:

Eat leftovers:

Try taking leftovers to work for lunch.
It could save you money from lunch out
everyday. I tried it and it saves me $60.00
per month! Plus you can get rid of some left
over food!

Check your pantry!

Check your pantry, cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer
before heading out to the grocery store. You may find that
you still have some of the items on your grocery list.

Grow your own!

Grow your own veggies and herbs. If you don't have
a garden you can grow them in your kitchen if there's
a sunny spot. The fresh items from gardens can benefit
your family health wise.

Eat before you shop!

My mom use  to always tell me "Never go grocery shopping
when you are hungry."  That's a surefire way to end up filling
your cart with stuff you don't need and it messes up your budget

Buy in Bulk:

This is one of my favorite ways to shop!
Do you have a bulk shopping club in your
area? Like Sam's Club, Costco's, or BJ's? If
you do it may be a good idea to become a member
especially if you have a big family!


Bulk shopping clubs usually charge a fee to become
a member. But it's worth it for all the money you'll

Set a Budget:

Set a budget and stick to it:

Separate your food wants from your food
needs when setting your budget. Stick to your
budget so that way you won't over spend.

Well that's it folks! I hope I was able to help
you slash your grocery bill in 1/2!

How to avoid Identity Theft!

Last check around 2013 there were 13.1
million identity fraud victims.  In  fact my
daughters identity was stolen last year. So
that prompted me to write a blog post about
identity theft, in hopes of helping her get her
identity back! Maybe this can help you or
someone you know as well!

So let's get started!


Get your free credit reports yearly(at )

Tip 2:

Check your bank account twice a week.


To track transactions, set up email or text alerts,
which most banks and creditors offer for free!

Tip 3:

Purchase identity theft protection!

Pricing starts around $10.00 per mo.


Don't conduct business on public wifi.
If you tap into free wireless at cafes,
libraries' or elsewhere, set up different
complex passwords for each of your
financial or personal accounts. Download
a VPN(virtual personal network) app like
Hot Spot Shield to encrypt your data.


Leaving financial documents visible is
most common sources of I.D. theft. Shred
unwanted mail, lock away statements that
you must keep. Put mail on hold when you
are on vacation, or away from home for some
time, cancel pre-approved credit card offers- go
here for more info!


Allow access to your home technology.

Did you know?

That people can get your personal information
through the technology in your house? Yes
delivery people, service providers, even your
kids teenage friends can retrieve info through
your internet enabled T.V's, laptops, tablets,
and smart phones. "Password Protect" everything!


Don't be careless when filling credit card applications.
It's tempting to sign up for store credit cards to get discounts
but it's best to use  a digital option because leaving vital
information with a clerk can be risky.

Don't leave your credit cards lying around.

Did you know?

That people looking over your shoulder at the ATM
can snap a photo. They can also snap a photo if you
leave your cards lying around.


Cover up PIN pads and keep cards out of sight.

What's in your wallet?

Leave it at home: 

SS card
Health Insurance cards
Receipts w/ personal info
A list of pins and passwords

Safe to carry:

Drivers License
Debit Card
One or Two Credit Cards
A list of emergency contact numbers

That's all folks! I hope I've helped you
Avoid Identity Theft!

The Cheapskate Diva!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Turn Clutter into Cash!

It's Spring time and it's time for spring cleaning.
Do you have clutter? So why not turn it into Cash?!

Turn old furniture into a pile of cash!  Go to: You'll get 80% off the listing
price when your item sells and they take it away at
no cost!

Consignment Shops:

Many furniture consignment shops will pick
up gently used large items for free and share
the profits with you! Look in the Yellow Pages
under "Consignment Shops" to find one.


Got furniture in good condition but you don't
want to wait for it sell? Donate it to the Salvation
Army for a tax deduction which picks up furniture
contributions. Just call 800-SA-Truck.

Earn money for old clothes!

@  If you have gently used or
new clothes go to and order a free
clean-out-bag. Fill it up and schedule a complimentary
pick up. Once they've received your clothing the value
will be accessed and you will be paid up to 40% of its
resale price! Want cash in your pocket today? You can
get paid today for clothing in good condition at clothing
resale shops! To find a resale shop near you go to and

Trade in Electronics!

If you've got old electronics sell them @ and or trade them
for a gift card at ( Click "Electronics & Computers"
in the left hand menu, then click on " Trade your Electronics").

Want even faster results? Grab store gift cards for the value of
your trade-ins at Best Buys and Target stores! Go to their store
websites type in "trade in" try and
to find participating stores!

New Cash for Old Entertainment!

Books: Enter their ISBN numbers @
 to find out which book resellers will offer you top price for them!
Once you are done reading them, of course:0)

DVD's, CD's, and Video Games!

If they are unused you can get cash for them @
or trade or trade them in for a gift card at (Click "Movies,
Music, & Games" in left hand menu, then "Trade in Movies, Music, & Games").

That's all folks! I hope I was able to help you "Turn Your Clutter Into Cash"!


The Cheapskate Diva!

How to get a Spring Wardrobe for Less!

Spring has sprung!(Is that a word?) It's time to
put away those heavy clothes and get a new spring
wardrobe for less!

Here's how:

Grab discounts for recycling unwanted clothes!
Some clothes and shoe retailers like H&M,
North Face, American Eagle, and Forever 21,
will give you a voucher for up to 10% your next
purchase if you bring in a bag of used clothes,
shoes, or belts. They participate in the ICO
recycling program that turns  cotton, leather,
and other raw materials into new products.
Want to know more about this program go

Looking to buy an item at its lowest
prices? (pants, shirts, etc) before buying
do a search on these sites:
and These websites will
tell you instantly which retail stores has these
items for the lowest prices!

Price Drops!!

Want to get paid for price drops? Stores like
JCPenny, Macy's, and Target will refund the
difference of an item that goes on sale after
you've purchased it! Usually 7 to 14 days.
Register at sites like and

They'll tell you if the item goes on sale
or is being sold for less! You will get an
email notifying you of sales! Then take
your receipt to the store's customer service
and request your cash back!

Bonus Rewards!:

Earn Bonus Rewards when visiting the store!

Download the Shopkick app and you can earn
points every time you enter any of the thousands
of participating retailers across the country. Points
can be redeemed for gift cards or % off your purchase!


Hurry and get to these stores and sites before
all the spring sales are over!

Well that's it for now! I hope I helped you
get a Spring Wardrobe for Less!

The CheapSkate Diva!