Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Fun ! On the Cheap!

Summer is finally here! It's time to put on your
summer gear and go out there and enjoy it, while
its still here! Here are some free and low cost ways
to have some summer fun on the cheap!


Can't afford to send your kids to camp
this summer? Try this:

Backyard Day Camp!

Recruit parents and other kids from
 neighborhood in on the fun!

Parents can take turn s on each day
of the week supervising the camp.


Fill a kiddie pool with water and colorful
plastic balls that float and let the kids have
at it!

You can also turn the pool into a pretend
fishing hole! Cut  fish shapes  out of
colored sponges and stick metal beads
for eyes.

Fasten a string to the end of a dowel with bright
colored tape, tie a magnet on the end of a line and
Go Fishing/!

Turn on the Sprinklers! Give them some squirt guns
and that'll keep em busy for hours!

If camping is in your budget try here:


Enjoy local events in your area! Before you buy tickets
to any local event check Groupon, Local Flavor, and Coupom
for fun online deals.


Want to add movie going to your summer agenda? Try this:

Get a family pack!

Check to see if your favorite theater have family packs/specials!
Cinemark on Mondays has a special called Reel Family Time
promotion, where they let a family buy thre or more tickets for
$1.15 each!

Regal Summer Movie Express provides $1 tickets for 10 am showings!

Marquee Cinemas, the Summer Kids Series let's you watch Family Friendly
movies for free! Go to their sites for details! Or google your favorite theater
and see what they have to offer!

Tip 2:

Join theater loyalty clubs! Some charge a fee, like the
$12 AMC stub program: others offer benefits like, no
fee online ticket purchases, concession discounts, coupons,
discount days, and freebies! The Regal Crown Club charges
no fees!

Did you know?

Some towns show family friendly movies during the
summer months! Do a google search to find ones near

Want to enjoy free family entertainment?!


Search your cities/towns event calendar. Click on family and
events will pop up. Such as museums, festivals, concerts, and
other fun events! Some may even be free!

Well that's it folks! I hope I was able to help you find summer
fun on the cheap!


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