Monday, December 22, 2014

New Savings for the New Year!


Did you know?

That during the 1st half of
January that prices of t.v.s drop
because retailers try to lure customers
 back to stores after the  holidays. So
act fast because prices go back up again
in the 2nd half of January because as
Superbowl approaches football fans
want new flat screens for the big game.

Did you know?

That every January electronic
manufacturers like to show the New
Years models like digital cameras,
gaming systems, and other gadgets
at trade conventions before shipping
them out to stored in Februrary? Since
it's so hard to sell older models when new
ones arrive. So they offer the older ones at
deep discounts!


If you have been longing for a vacation
now's the time to travel! Since travel
season is officially over, airline, hotel,
and car rental prices bottom out. So this
is a perfect time to book a getaway for
half of what you'd pay for the rest of
the year!

Tidbit 2:

2015 styles of recliners, sofas, tables, and
lamps and other furniture arrive in showrooms
in Februrary!You can save 50% in January as
retailers scramble to sell off 2014 models to make
room for new inventory!

Thanks for Reading!

Let's Maximize our After Christmas Savings!!

I know that people our still recovering from
the Christmas holidays but what about the
savings you can find after the Holidays?!

Grab those discount Gift Cards!

Did you know?

That the last days of December
and the first few weeks of January
discounted gift card websites like 
They buy and sell gift cards! These
two sites get swamped with unwanted 
gift cards to popular retail stores for up 
to 40% or more below retail! But there is
a high demand so hurry they go fast! To
get first dibs sign up for the sites free email
alerts which will let you know when gift cards
for your favorite stores have been posted!Once
you get the alert sign in and snap them up!

Treasures Galore on Ebay for Less!

After the holidays sellers swarm Ebay
to get rid of unwanted items or gifts that
new gifts replaced. That's great news since 
the sudden spike drives down the prices, that
helps you get better deals on everything from
 clothes, jewelry, and electronics!

Tip 1:

Slash your after Christmas grocery/shopping
 bill by 75%!

When you are in the supermarket look for for
household products with Christmas themed 
packaging. Products such as dish washing 
liquid, soap, tissues, and candies. They're 
usually marked down by as much as 75%
as stores hurry  to get rid of holiday items 
that didn't sell!

Tip 2:

Did you know?

That if you have old gifts that have
been replaced by new gifts those can
be donated to the 
or the for a tax
deduction? If you missed the deadline
there's always next year!

That all for now! Hope we helped 
you Maximize Your After Christmas 

Two new blog post coming your way!

Since I'm sure I won't be on here during the holidays 
I will be trying to post blog post that are after the holidays
themed...early! Wish me luck getting these up here!
Here we go!

Want to see a ridiculous amount of lip glosses?

These are just some of my lip glosses lol! I have a better 
pic but since my phone decided that on Friday it wanted 
to act up on me I can't post it. Maybe one day I'll be able
 to show you all of them. The reason I've decided to post 
this is because admitting you have a problem is the first
 step to recovery (laughing) I also have a problem with 
collecting pens,socks,notebooks,anything that is bright
and or shiny! HELP! Maybe I'll give some to my
 daughters one day!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mama needs a new (or not so new) pair of work shoes!

(laughing) What a title... hey?
I needed another pair of work
shoes so I was thinking of how
I could get them for the lowest
price possible. I was thinking
maybe going around to some
of the thrift stores in my area
then I was thinking maybe not.
Used shoes hmm from a thrift
store? Maybe and this is a BIG
maybe. They would have to be
gently used or practically new
and only if I ran out of options.
So since I'm not out of options
I shopped around other stores
like Kmart, Payless and Walmart.
Payless was my first stop. Wow
the prices o their work shoes are
highway robbery! Payless my aunt
Fannie!(lol) So my next stop was
Kmart(Next) same thing here and
to top it off they were hideous! So
my last stop was Walmart(Bingo!)
Got some decent work shoes for
$24.97! Didn't want to pay that
 much but hey sometimes you
gotta splurge!

Before old work shoes:

After new work shoes!:

Have you ever had to buy works
shoes? If so how much did you
have to pay for them? Did they
cost a lung and a kidney? (lol)
If you were able to find some
at a reasonable price let me
know in the comments!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

We want to help you find hidden Discounts!

Senior Discounts:

Did you know?

That at AARP you can join for
free at age age 50?! instead of
age 65? They have a vast array
of senior discounts! Check them
out at

Dining Discounts:

Join the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Club!
people 55 and over can get a free donut
with a cup of coffee!

More dining discounts for seniors at age 50!
Krispy Kreme 10% off
Steak -N-Shake 10% off

Mondays and Tuesdays:
Age 55
Arbys: 10% off; Chick-Fil-A 10% off or free
small drink; Denny's; 10% off, 20% off for AARP
members; IHOP: 10% off; McDonals: discounts on
coffee; Wendy's: 10% off

Age 60...

Applebee's 15% off with Golden Apple Card;
Burger King: 10% off; Waffle House: 10% off
every Monday!

Age 65...

Boston Market: 10% off; Hardees: .33 cents
beverages everyday; Taco Bell: 5% off; free
beverages for seniors.

More Discounts:

Military Discounts:

Did you know ?

That military members can get
20% off at Foot Locker to $500.00
at Toyota?


At Mary Kay Cosmetics members of
the military and their families can receive
10% off online orders?

Sally Beauty Supply discounts vary just
simply ask and have military I.D in hand.


Regal Movie Theaters:

matinee prices for all showtimes;
United Artist Movie Theaters:
matinee prices for all showtimes;
IMAX: $1 off tickets!

(Home & Garden)

Lowe's: 10% off year round;
Michael's: 10% off Wednesdays
at select stores; Home Depot: 10%
off for active duty, active reserve,
retired military and immediate family.


Sprint 10% to 18% off; Verizon: 15%
off monthly cost of primary line.

(QR Codes)

QR Codes short for quick response codes
that you can scan with a special app or your
smartphone that offer you coupons and QR
scan only deals!

You can get these codes by downloading them
from Androids from
 this one takes you to Google Play store, and Blackberry from

That's all for now! Hope we helped you
find some hidden discounts!

My Bargain Boston Store Finds!

Here are some great finds that I got at Boston
 Store on clearance! I hope guys like my lil find!

Those two shirts at the top they were actually cheaper
than $14.99. Yellow tag price $6.99 a piece!

I just love bright socks as you can see! All together
they were about $10.00! Oh and the Fila socks I
wore with a blue sparkly blouse I also got for $6.99
but I wore them so I didn't post them!

The purse I got as a gift so I decided to post it as well! 
Isn't it cute?! Sorry the bag is so blurry. 

Well that's all of my Boston store find! Try going at the
end of summer you may be able to find some great items 


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Save on prescription drugs!

Your health insurance is not the cheapest
way to pay for your scripts! If your deduct-
ibles or co-pays are high. Ask your pharmacist
if you can pay in cash. Many of them offer lower
prices for cash paying customers because it saves
them from having to deal with insurance companies.


Call around to pharmacies to see what kind of breaks

Did you know?

That many drug companies use coupons? They have
offers like free first refills on prescriptions or 1
$10 off a single refill! How do find these coupons
you ask? Simply ask your doctors office, go to the
drug manufacturers website or log on to
which offer printable coupons from participating drugstores.

Internet pharmacies:

Worried that they aren't safe? Try these trusted online
pharmacies. and both have (VIPPS)
Verified Internet Pharmacies Practice Sites seal that
shows they've been checked out by state boards that
license pharmacies.

Tidbit# 2

Internet pharmacies usually have cheaper prices
than traditional pharmacies because get volume
discounts directly from manufacturers! Find more
safe online pharmacies at

Want to get all your medications from one pharmacy?
Call around to see which pharmacies have this conve-
nient service! Ask to see if they offer a price match
gurantee. Log onto and type in your
medications and zip code. You'll find the lowest
price in one place!


Want to see if you qualify for free or almost free
drug coverage through a prescription assistance
program? Visit Partnership for
Prescription Assistance.

Tidbit #3

Free meds giveaways:

Ask your supermarket pharmacy if they offer
free meds! Why are they giving free meds?
because they are hoping you will come back
to them when you need to buy medicine in
the future. Many supermarket pharmacies are
giving away generic antibiotics, prenatal vitamins,
generic Lipitor, certain blood pressure and diabetes
meds! Places like Publix, Shoprite, and Meiers are
a few places that have these free meds!

Don't have Insurance or under Insured?

Take advantage of free health screenings!
If  you want to check your blood pressure,
glucose, vision, and cholesterol. Stores like
CVS,  and Sam's Club schedule complimentary
health screenings!

Earn free rewards!

Places like
you can earn free points when  you join their free points program!
Go to their sites and check out their programs!

Did you know?

Some pharmacies are giving away gift cards?
When you get your flu shot? andCvs is offering a 20%
off shopping pass!

Happy Savings!