Monday, December 22, 2014

New Savings for the New Year!


Did you know?

That during the 1st half of
January that prices of t.v.s drop
because retailers try to lure customers
 back to stores after the  holidays. So
act fast because prices go back up again
in the 2nd half of January because as
Superbowl approaches football fans
want new flat screens for the big game.

Did you know?

That every January electronic
manufacturers like to show the New
Years models like digital cameras,
gaming systems, and other gadgets
at trade conventions before shipping
them out to stored in Februrary? Since
it's so hard to sell older models when new
ones arrive. So they offer the older ones at
deep discounts!


If you have been longing for a vacation
now's the time to travel! Since travel
season is officially over, airline, hotel,
and car rental prices bottom out. So this
is a perfect time to book a getaway for
half of what you'd pay for the rest of
the year!

Tidbit 2:

2015 styles of recliners, sofas, tables, and
lamps and other furniture arrive in showrooms
in Februrary!You can save 50% in January as
retailers scramble to sell off 2014 models to make
room for new inventory!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Wow, thanks so much for the tips. In fact, I have a trip home scheduled in January!

    Yay, no holiday travel!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Mommy Monday Blog Hop! Following via Twitter and Bloglovin!

    1. Sorry I'm now able to reply to this. Following you on twitter and BL as well! Thanks for stopping by!

      The Cheapskate Diva!:0)