Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Save on prescription drugs!

Your health insurance is not the cheapest
way to pay for your scripts! If your deduct-
ibles or co-pays are high. Ask your pharmacist
if you can pay in cash. Many of them offer lower
prices for cash paying customers because it saves
them from having to deal with insurance companies.


Call around to pharmacies to see what kind of breaks

Did you know?

That many drug companies use coupons? They have
offers like free first refills on prescriptions or 1
$10 off a single refill! How do find these coupons
you ask? Simply ask your doctors office, go to the
drug manufacturers website or log on to
which offer printable coupons from participating drugstores.

Internet pharmacies:

Worried that they aren't safe? Try these trusted online
pharmacies. and both have (VIPPS)
Verified Internet Pharmacies Practice Sites seal that
shows they've been checked out by state boards that
license pharmacies.

Tidbit# 2

Internet pharmacies usually have cheaper prices
than traditional pharmacies because get volume
discounts directly from manufacturers! Find more
safe online pharmacies at

Want to get all your medications from one pharmacy?
Call around to see which pharmacies have this conve-
nient service! Ask to see if they offer a price match
gurantee. Log onto and type in your
medications and zip code. You'll find the lowest
price in one place!


Want to see if you qualify for free or almost free
drug coverage through a prescription assistance
program? Visit Partnership for
Prescription Assistance.

Tidbit #3

Free meds giveaways:

Ask your supermarket pharmacy if they offer
free meds! Why are they giving free meds?
because they are hoping you will come back
to them when you need to buy medicine in
the future. Many supermarket pharmacies are
giving away generic antibiotics, prenatal vitamins,
generic Lipitor, certain blood pressure and diabetes
meds! Places like Publix, Shoprite, and Meiers are
a few places that have these free meds!

Don't have Insurance or under Insured?

Take advantage of free health screenings!
If  you want to check your blood pressure,
glucose, vision, and cholesterol. Stores like
CVS,  and Sam's Club schedule complimentary
health screenings!

Earn free rewards!

Places like
you can earn free points when  you join their free points program!
Go to their sites and check out their programs!

Did you know?

Some pharmacies are giving away gift cards?
When you get your flu shot? andCvs is offering a 20%
off shopping pass!

Happy Savings!

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