Monday, December 15, 2014

Mama needs a new (or not so new) pair of work shoes!

(laughing) What a title... hey?
I needed another pair of work
shoes so I was thinking of how
I could get them for the lowest
price possible. I was thinking
maybe going around to some
of the thrift stores in my area
then I was thinking maybe not.
Used shoes hmm from a thrift
store? Maybe and this is a BIG
maybe. They would have to be
gently used or practically new
and only if I ran out of options.
So since I'm not out of options
I shopped around other stores
like Kmart, Payless and Walmart.
Payless was my first stop. Wow
the prices o their work shoes are
highway robbery! Payless my aunt
Fannie!(lol) So my next stop was
Kmart(Next) same thing here and
to top it off they were hideous! So
my last stop was Walmart(Bingo!)
Got some decent work shoes for
$24.97! Didn't want to pay that
 much but hey sometimes you
gotta splurge!

Before old work shoes:

After new work shoes!:

Have you ever had to buy works
shoes? If so how much did you
have to pay for them? Did they
cost a lung and a kidney? (lol)
If you were able to find some
at a reasonable price let me
know in the comments!


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  1. Now that I have children, I do not really splurge on myself, but when I do, I get buyers remorse. I feel your pain---purchasing a good pair of shoes cost some money!