Monday, December 22, 2014

Let's Maximize our After Christmas Savings!!

I know that people our still recovering from
the Christmas holidays but what about the
savings you can find after the Holidays?!

Grab those discount Gift Cards!

Did you know?

That the last days of December
and the first few weeks of January
discounted gift card websites like 
They buy and sell gift cards! These
two sites get swamped with unwanted 
gift cards to popular retail stores for up 
to 40% or more below retail! But there is
a high demand so hurry they go fast! To
get first dibs sign up for the sites free email
alerts which will let you know when gift cards
for your favorite stores have been posted!Once
you get the alert sign in and snap them up!

Treasures Galore on Ebay for Less!

After the holidays sellers swarm Ebay
to get rid of unwanted items or gifts that
new gifts replaced. That's great news since 
the sudden spike drives down the prices, that
helps you get better deals on everything from
 clothes, jewelry, and electronics!

Tip 1:

Slash your after Christmas grocery/shopping
 bill by 75%!

When you are in the supermarket look for for
household products with Christmas themed 
packaging. Products such as dish washing 
liquid, soap, tissues, and candies. They're 
usually marked down by as much as 75%
as stores hurry  to get rid of holiday items 
that didn't sell!

Tip 2:

Did you know?

That if you have old gifts that have
been replaced by new gifts those can
be donated to the 
or the for a tax
deduction? If you missed the deadline
there's always next year!

That all for now! Hope we helped 
you Maximize Your After Christmas 

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