Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coupon Fraud!

What is coupon  fraud?

Coupon fraud occurs whenever someone
intentionally uses a coupon for a product
that he/she has not purchased.

Want to know more about coupon fraud?

Go here:

Did you know there was such a thing as
Coupon Fraud? Neither did we! So we've
decided  to write a post about it! Found
some very interesting information! So here
goes! First some do's and dont's of couponing.


Read the fine print. Always make sure to
follow the terms and conditions printed on
a coupon.


Scan or print more than the allotted number
of printable coupons a website allows.

Tidbit # 1

1. Coupons may not be transferred.
2. DND: Do not Double coupons
3. Limit one per household

Did you know? # 1

That counterfeit coupons exist? Yes counterfeit:

Consumers can protect themselves from counterfeit
coupons by never paying money for coupons and using
only using coupons from authorized coupon dealers.

Tidbit# 2

Some signs of coupon scam:

1. Does it sound to good to be true?
2. Are there claims that there are no risk
3. Are there vague and hostile answers to
your questions?


How is coupon fraud committed?

1. Disregarding the manufacturers stipulations.
2. Disregarding expiration dates.
3. Check for the code. You can go to and type in the code
in the upper right hand corner to verify
that it is not a copy or hasn't already been

Tidbit # 3

Don't dumpster dive for the Sunday paper.
It can be dangerous and you could be tresspassing.
Instead ask friends for extra copies, or buy more
papers at a dollar store.

Well, that's it for now! Happy Safe Couponing!

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