Monday, November 24, 2014

Let us help you find some hidden Cash!

Have you ever heard of sites like or

On these sites you can type in your name and search 
to see if you or even a relative has some unclaimed 
property, refunds, or checks! just waiting to be claimed!

Forgotten about a bank account?!
Just simply call old banks where
you had accounts to see if you have
any unclaimed assests! They'll be able
to check their systems in minutes!

Unclaimed Bonds?:

Try here:

Click on start search and type in your
Social Security number you'll instantly
see if you have a bond waiting to be claimed!

Did you know?

That if someone bought a bond for you between
1941 and 1980 there could be an unclaimed bond 
waiting for you?!

Class Action Lawsuit:

Sometimes Companies file class action lawsuits on behalf
of the plantiff. To see if you are eligibile for any won law-
suits Try here:

Free Money with your Credit Cards!

Get a credit card with cash rebates for purchases.
Bank of America offers 1% back! 2% back on groceries,
and 3% back on gas! 

Capitol One offers a $100 bonus and 1% back when you spend
your first $500! within 3 months! The money is deposited into
your waiting bank account!

Reduce your cell phone bill!

Did you know?

That you be paying for unused minutes?
A lot of us are signed up for unlimited 
plans that cost almost double of what we
need. Look at your bill and note your
minutes. If you aren't using them call
your provider to check your plan options.
You may want try say 450 minutes and pay
less than paying for the minutes you don't use
with an unlimited plan!


Tax Refunds!

You simply go to
click on "Where is my refund"?
Type in your Social Security number
your filing status( married, filing jointly,
single, married filing seperately, head of 
household, or qualifying widow,) and the 
dollar amount.

Those tax refunds add up!

Tax Credits!

If you had no tax withheld you may
have tax credits you may be entitled
to like:

First time home buyers credit
Child tax credit
Earned income tax credit
Credit for child and dependent care
Education credit
Savers credit

Want to know more about these visit: or google the tax name.

That's all for now! In the future I
will be doing another post on this 
subject. It's just too much informat-
ion on it to leave it here! Good Luck!
I hope we helped you find some Hidden

The Cheapskate Diva!

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