Monday, November 17, 2014

Not So Extreme Couponing!

Hello everybody! Maybe you are wondering why we've
named this post Not So Extreme Couponing? Well with
all the stories and shows on television about extreme couponing
it peeked our curiosity. So we've decided to post about it. 
Well to be honest we don't have the time nor the patience 
for extreme couponing but maybe you do! So we've decided 
to give you all the sites we could find  and some tips and tidbits
to start you on your way! Heck maybe we'll(my husband and I)
even try it out once or twice and post about it on here! Good Luck!
And Happy Extreme or not so Extreme Couponing!

Scan QR codes for secret discounts!

Cash in on "clip free coupons"
Load online coupons onto your 
store loyalty card in seconds! Sign
at a clip free site like :


Did you know?

That there is a such thing as Coupon fraud?

Maybe we'll do a post about the do's and dont's of

Here is a list of some online coupon sites:

Many have apps!

The coupon center link is for more info
about coupon fraud. Also make sure you 
download the retailmenot app on your phone
its amazing!  Also at the grocery center  you 
can get the latest deals and coupons from your
local supermarket!

Well that's it for now everyone! Happy Extreme
or not So Extreme  Couponing!

The Cheapskate Diva!

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