Monday, November 17, 2014

I want to go outlet shopping(online of course) How about you?

I want to go outlet shopping! But it's too cold(brrr!)
Since it's so cold I think I will stay in with my credit
card and a cup of hot chocolate and some online outlet
stores! Here are a few I want to try! offers up to 88%


If you can't find what you want online
try calling ahead if you decide to make 
a trip out to the outlet stores to see if they
have the item/s you are looking for. No 
need to make unnecessary trips. While 
you have them on the phone ask if they're
going to have any specials coming up! That
way you plan your visit to ave the most!

Join outlet free shoppers clubs!

Many outlet stores now offer exclusive 
deals in their free shoppers clubs! Example: and

have a coupon book you can sign up for? 
You can also get online coupons and notifications 
of special events!

Did you know?

That companies now make clothing just
for their outlets? They have slight imperfections
and are usually of lower  quality than items sold
at retail stores. The price tags usually let you know
if the item was made for retail stores or outlet stores.
So finding quality items will be simpler.Ask the sales
person to explain the coding system to help you save
on the best items!

Here are a few more outlet stores you can check out!

I'll add more once I across more!
Happy Savings! 

The Cheapskate Diva!

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