Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to get free Books!(Audibooks,Ebooks,and low cost books)

I love books, don't you? I've always had a love for
reading you can learn so much! I've tried Audiobooks
and Ebooks before but I prefer them the old fashion way!
So are here some ways you can get them for free or low
cost! You can also try audiobooks or ebooks this way.

Here goes!:

Check out books at the pubic library:

Of course you can get books here but
the downside is their not yours to keep.
But you can keep them for weeks! You
can also recheck them out if you like!

Did you know?

That the library has book sales that
you can attend? Many times they will
hand out free or very low cost books
instead of hauling them back to the
storage room.

Get free Kindle books:

Do you have a Kindle or Nook?
Well if you do you will be happy to
 know that you can get hundreds of
thousands of  free ebooks that you
 can download straight to your
kindle or nook! You  don't even
have to have one of those to be
able to read to read these books!
You can use your computer or
your smart phone! All you need
is the App!

Kindle Ereader App:

Allows to read Kindle on
your PC, Iphone,Ipad, Mac,
or Blackberry.

Kindle Iphone App:

Ibooks or Stanza. You can
also go to the app store to
get these apps. You have to
download Itunes.

Kindle Android App:

Android or Google Play is
what you need to use the
Kindle Android App.

Nook Ereader app:

Download this app for Iphone,
Ipad, Android PC, or Mac. You
can get free Nook books as well
as other type of books.

Nook app for the Iphone:

Looks like Iphone teamed up
with Barnes&Noble for this one! Barnes&Noble Nook

Android Nook app:

Download app from your

iphone, ipad, PC, or Mac.

Sony Ereader app: 

Available for Pc,Mac,

 Android, and tablets.

Apple Ibooks:

Only available for iphone,

ipad, and OSX.

Download a free audiobook:

Ever tried audiobooks? I have!

I had a few from Pastor John Hagee
and Joel Osteen! I have to say I liked
them a lot! Maybe you will too! So here
are a few places you can try them for
free! Who knows maybe you will love 
them so much you will become a member!

This site has over 70,000 free audiobooks

on every  subject you can think of! Including
audio for adults and kids!

Booksshouldbefree! At

At this site its easy to find a free audiobook
you want to download! View by category
Top 100, Children, Fiction. Fanyasy, and Mystery.
Plus lots more!

This is a membership site but your
first download is free! They have over
150,000 titles to choose from! They have
a 30 day free have trial and you can cancel at
anytime!  They  have apps for apple, android,
amazon, and windows! Also the membership
is $14.95 per mo for one book a month!


Did you know that at
you can locally get stuff like books or
give away your free stuff?!


You can  also get free books through summer
reading programs for kids! If you sign them up
this summer they can also receive money, gift
cards, movies and more!


Barnes&Noble has a reading program,

Imagination Destination that gives out
a free book to each child who reads 8
books over the summer!

Kids can get free books mailed to
them each month through Dolly
Partons Imagination Library.

I hope we were able to help you
find lots of free or low cost books!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love using the library to get free books. Trying to buy them all can get so expensive haha.