Sunday, April 5, 2015

Future printed newsletter!

Dear readers:

I want to start a printed newsletter in the near future but I need your help! I'll be doing giveaways in exchange for your ideas on frugal living, thrifty ideas, how you save money, your original recipes if you would like to share☺etc.  If you send ideas or recipes to my email @ I'll assume you are giving me permission to reprint them or use them in my newsletter. You will be given 5 entries into my g-a-w plus more entries if you follow us on our other social media sites. Also if you send ideas or original recipes to my inbox I will put a link back to whichever social media site of your choosing. Be it twitter, fb, your blog etc. When I have the g-a-w you can leave your ideas and original recipes can still enter if you don't want to send ideas or recipes you can just follow or like our other social media sites!

Thank you!


  1. Yes! But it's proving to be more difficult than I expected.😞