Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine Day Freebies!

Think you can't have a nice inexpensive 
Valentines day? Think again!!!

Here are some ways you and your sweetie
can have a sweet Valentines day on the cheap!

Get your pulse racing by reading free
online romance novels! Just type in 
free online reads in the search bar and
it'll take you to titles like "The Soldier 
she's never forgotten", "The Ultimate 
Proposition", "The Stolen Kiss", or "A
Game of Seduction!

You can also get free online reads
on this site as well. Just type in free
online reads into the search and it
will take you titles such as "Broken",
"Ever After" or "A Dangerous Love"
just be sure to type in what type of
Romance Novel you are searching 
for. Like Suspense, Historical,General,
 Romantic Suspense etc.

More in the mood for a movie?
Rent a romantic movie at Like the "Notebook"
or"Endless Love" Subscribe to their 
text message reminders and get one
free rental per month or like them on
FaceBook for free night codes!

Attend Free Events!

Looking to make a love connection 
or just want to do something special 
with your sweetie? Find free events
in your area to attend! For example 
in the Chicagoland area they have a
group called 20 and 30 somethings.
They have over 10,000 members that
get together to enjoy events/shows!
like sporting, concerts, and happy 
hour and whatever else that attracts
interest. All you have to do is join 
look for events in your neck of the

Also has a free events section! Just 
type in free events and your area and
events will pop up! In the Chicago area
they have this site called free things to do
in Chicago.Festivals, Cinemas, Museums,
etc .  this site has free and 
low-cost things to do in Chicago!

I'm using Chicago as an example
I don't live there.

Treat yourself to some sweet treats!

If sweets is your thing! Go to 
become a fan they'll send you a
BOGO coupon on your Birhtday!
or if you have a 
in your area be their BFF and you'll
get a 25% off on your next visit and
a free Happy Endng Sundae on your

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